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Pure Earth Hair Wash
Certified Organic Oils & Herbals!

Are you still washing your hair with shampoo? Well, you must be looking for a kinder, gentler, more truly natural and healthier hair cleansing alternative since you’re here!

Our Pure Earth Hair Wash is simple, pure and effective. How, exactly, does our Hair Wash work? Our Pure Earth Hair Wash cleans ever-so-gently by absorbing excess dirt and oil and never strips your hair. It is a super-natural clay-based cleanser, created by Mother Earth herself, that our small team of artisan crafters  blends with certified organic soothing, hydrating aloe vera juice, certified organic nourishing herbals and organic essential oils.

NO industrial chemical detergents/surfactants, foam boosters, emulsifiers, petrochemical or bio-engineered preservatives, or fragrance/parfum!

Note: For best results and a speedier detox process, it is strongly recommended that everyone read our Hair Wash Instructions AND do the important Speed-The-Detox process using our Clarifying Hair Cleanser BEFORE starting to use the Pure Earth Hair Wash. Please Click Here for more information before ordering!

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