Welcome Spring--A Time For Re-birth And Renewal! Try Our Delightfully Aromatic Body Washes And Flower Therapy Skin Care System For A Unique, Truly Natural And Organic Experience!

Organic Moisturizers

Terressentials Super Emollient Moisturizers are unique liquid balms—thick and rich with silky, aromatic certified organic cocoa butter suspended in golden, skin-softening certified organic sunflower and coconut oils. Our certified organic virgin coconut oil is infused with certified organic angelica, calendula, centella asiatica and chamomile in a slow, gentle, process that yields an amazing organic blend to soothe dry or chapped skin and to help keep your natural moisture in your skin.

Condition and style your moisture-hungry curly locks with Terressentials all organic Super Emollient Moisturizers! The lightest touch of our golden Super Emollient Moisturizers smooths and caresses your natural thick and curly tresses.

Moisturize...​Massage...​Style...​use your imagination!

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