Welcome Spring--A Time For Re-birth And Renewal! Try Our Delightfully Aromatic Body Washes And Flower Therapy Skin Care System For A Unique, Truly Natural And Organic Experience!

Body Washes
Certified Organic Oils & Herbals!

Aromatic, fresh, clean! Beautiful skin and hair requires gentle treatment. Our Terressentials Body Washes are all gentle, detergent-free, traditional castile soaps uniquely blended with all certified organic herbals and oils and natural clay minerals for luxurious cleansing--always safe for you and our environment! Our artful and inspiring organic aroma blends are beautiful creations that you absolutely must experienceonly real certified organic essential oils and herbal extractsrare gems in a sea awash with toxic industrial synthetic fragrance chemicals.

Our special, organic Fragrance-Free Gentle Bath Gel is our most moisturizing body wash and is excellent for shaving thanks to a boost of certified organic native American jojoba oil. Our Body Washes and Gentle Bath Gel make excellent hair washes as well!

Be sure to look at our great Face & Body Cleansing Tools (Click Here) available for use with our Terressentials cleansers.

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