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NEW! Clarifying Hair Cleanser Bars

Enjoy our Clarifying Hair Cleanser bars at a special introductory price!

Our new Clarifying Hair Cleanser bars are available in two amazing, scented formulations. Our new Terressentials Clarifying Hair Cleanser bars are unique Clarifying Hair Cleansers made with organic base oils and natural mineral-rich clays. (We love clays for cleansing!) What makes these new Hair Cleanser bars special? The clays! ClaysMother Earth herself—are nature's special gifts that carry a natural electrical charge that works to attract/pull excess oils, dirt and toxins from your hair and scalp. Of course, our Clarifying Hair Cleanser bars contain NO synthetics, so NO need for chemical detergents to remove toxic synthetic residues of conventional plastic polymer buildup from your hair and scalp. How cool is that?

Both of our Clarifying Hair Cleanser bars have a rich base of certified organic sunflower, coconut, palm and safflower oils and will not strip your hair or attack your scalp. The natural fatty acid profiles of these carefully chosen organic oils makes for a gentle and effective cleanser with luxurious natural lather that leaves your hair soft, shining, and most important of all...healthy and super clean...without unsustainable, waterways-polluting industrial detergents/surfactants, or nasty petrochemical plastics and toxic fragrances and preservatives.

We are currently offering two natural and certified organic formulas for all hair types! As each clay has it's own unique electrical charge, providing different results for different hair types, we highly recommend trying both Clarifying Hair Cleanser bars (and our Pure Earth Hair Wash!) to find the perfect cleansing combination that works great for your unique hair type—and that works best with your home's water supply.

Don't forget to collect one of our Organic Super Emollient Moisturizers for the perfect nourishing touch of hair conditioningas a leave-in, use during your hair cleansing, or as a finishing touch to define curls or to smooth rough hair,

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