Welcome Spring--A Time For Re-birth And Renewal! Try Our Delightfully Aromatic Body Washes And Flower Therapy Skin Care System For A Unique, Truly Natural And Organic Experience!

Real Soap
Made with All Organic Oils and Herbs

No synthetic, fake natural detergents here!  Real Soap, real certified organic ingredients. Scientists say that's all you really need to be clean—Real Soap for real people!

Our Terressentials organic coconut castile Real Soap is blended in small batches with soothing certified organic aloe vera juice and certified organic calendula extract. Add in lively and fun blends of certified organic essential oils, including certified organic tea tree oil, for safe and effective, environmentally-friendly hand washing and more...  
Sustainable house cleaning tips: our Terressentials Real Soap is also a highly effective and environmentally-friendly housecleaning helper—diluted, Real Soap is excellent for hand-washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, the bath and everywhere throughout the home—countertops, floors, walls, sinks and more! Use full strength when washing laundry!



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