Welcome Spring--A Time For Re-birth And Renewal! Try Our Delightfully Aromatic Body Washes And Flower Therapy Skin Care System For A Unique, Truly Natural And Organic Experience!

Relax & Soothe

Let the tension and stress melt away! Add some handcrafted, fair trade lounge wear made from unique, artistic hand-blocked floral patterns on ever-so-soft fine Indian cotton to your any time comfort clothing wardrobe! Then, pair your beautiful lounge wear with a natural herbal aromatherapy, handmade heat wrap pillow made from all cotton up-cycled fabrics in lovely and fun patterns and filled with real lavender flowers to soothe and relax you. Try an acupressure eye pillow with a few drops of organic essential oils to help you sleep or to help with that headache. You need these essentials in your life!
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