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Customer Testimonials

Here's some good buzz from real people! Read what folks have been saying about our certified organic Terressentials products and about our customer service! If you would like to be featured on this webpage, click on the above image to send us a testimonial with photos and your name, location, and kind words!

Atiya's Hair Picture Atiya's Hair Picture #2

It was so nice to formally meet you this past Saturday in your shop. I was with my mother and kept gushing about my love for your products. They truly have transformed my hair, and I passionately believe in what you’re doing. The amount of thought and care that you put into the products can be felt.
The first picture of my hair are the results after only using the Sultry Spice Hair Wash. Simply water and the super hydrating essential oils left over from the wash. The second picture is after a wash + the Lavender Garden Super Emollient Moisturizer. My hair has never been this happy and I would love the opportunity to work with your brand.
I look forward to hearing from you soon!


I recently purchased several products from Terressentials, both to give as gifts to others and to myself. I must say the entire shopping experience was top notch. From placing the order to the communication from Terressentials via e-mail regarding order fulfillment and shipping, well, it just doesn’t get any better than this! Terressentials truly cares about their customers, new and established. I have been using the Sultry Spice Pure Earth Hair Wash for about a week now. I must say I was skeptical and a little worried at first. I have hair that reaches the middle of my back in length and it can get rather oily if it isn’t washed every day. With a toddler here at home and free time at a premium for me, showering every day is a luxury. But to get to the point…the hair wash is simply phenomenal. I cannot stress enough how well this stuff cleans my hair, and without stripping it and leaving it a static filled, knotty mess. And the smell, oh my goodness, the smell of my hair is just incredible. I want to sleep with a blanket of my hair. I want to personally thank James Hahn and Diana Kaye for caring so much about their fellow humans to have created skin and hair care products for us and our babies! They have done our homework for us, they have tirelessly researched to create the products that may help us to live longer healthier lives. THANK YOU! Keep up the great work. If I lived closer, I would certainly love to work for your company! A loyal customer from here on…

Marjorie L. from Silver Spring MD

I purchased the Terressentials Fragrance-free Super Protection Deodorant and it’s the best organic deodorant I’ve ever used. It works as advertised and I’ve experienced no irritation whatsoever, which is a problem I have with most deodorants. Shipping was prompt and the deodorant was well packaged. Highly recommend!!!


I’m a true skin care junkie—I rarely buy the same products twice as I couldn’t find quality products that fit all of my criteria (and trust me I tried!) Terressentials is so wonderful, so different, it far surpasses anything else—department store, drugstore, high end lines—none of them come close. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you—I’m spreading the Terressentials word!

Kelly R. from Atlanta GA

Hello, and a big thanks to everyone working so hard at Terressentials! I just received my package today containing almost everything you have to offer. I sat down and opened everything, reading all the labels and smelling the lovely scents. I cannot wait to get into the shower today! But before I could do that, I needed to get rid of all my toxic products...I packed up a huge box of products that I will never waste my money on again. Thank you again for producing such a fabulous truthful product. In the week or so that it took me to receive my order I was constantly on the internet and in stores searching for products similar to yours. Nothing came close. I feel very educated after reading the information on your web site; the things I learned from your web site are helping me read the labels and figure out which companies are just in it for the money and do not have any interest in caring for people’s needs.
Well, I’m off to the shower! Thanks again!

Laura S. from Norfolk VA

Greetings, I received my first order last week and I’m very happy with your products! The deodorant is fantastic—what a surprise that it actually works! Other “natural” deodorants I’ve tried only cover the odor and don’t actually prevent it. The hair wash is wonderful. After just one week my hair is really starting to get silky soft. And I love the cocoa butter chocolate smell in all your body oils. Everything else is wonderful too. Thanks for making these quality products. The fact that they contain no potentially unsafe chemicals is very important to me. I think you have a customer for life here.

Angela M. from Anthony NM

That’s it! I’m hooked! My delivery of your products came today. I washed my hair and face with your products and used your lotions and creams afterwards. As soon as I was done I took everything synthetic in my medicine cabinet and threw it in the garbage! I’ll never switch back! Thank you so much for your amazing products!

Marissa H. from Philadelphia PA

I’ve died and gone to heaven! I first learned of Terressentials through the [Environmental Working Group’s] Skin Deep cosmetic safety database. I went out to your website and read everything, and was so impressed by your products and all of the information about chemicals and preservatives. I’ve looked and looked and looked for good products, but they are very hard to find...truly good products, and products that are affordable. So many times I found products that I thought I would have liked to purchase, but on my budget were way out of reach. After using your products this week, I don’t even think those high-priced products could even come close to your products. My face is extremely sensitive and to find fragrance-free products of such high calibre is a blessing. I love all of your fragrance-free products. They are wonderful and have truly worked on my face. I have very thick, dry, wavy salt and pepper hair, so I tried your Lavender Garden Hair Wash. I will admit that I was skeptical after reading about them on your website, but I am here to tell you that they are fabulous! Even from the first three washes, my hair was so silky, I could not believe that I did not have five pounds of conditioner on my hair. My hair hasn’t felt this good since...I can’t even remember! Thank you so much for making such wonderful products at affordable that we can all enjoy the luxury of organic, earth- and people-friendly products!

J.J. from Atlanta GA

I just had to write to say how thrilled and excited I am to have found your website. I have been looking for a product line like yours for about 15 years—long before I began my studies to become an N.D. (Doctor of Naturopathy). Your products are the ultimate in skin/hair care. Your products are not just void of toxins or hazards to the environment—they’re nutrition for the skin and hair. I love using them. I am so impressed with your line, your website, your company, and the contact I’ve had there. I really can’t say enough good things about you. You are a Godsend, and that is not an exaggeration. I can now feel like I have the best products to use for myself, my family, my future clients, and anyone who asks. That’s a really good feeling and such a relief after all this time. Thank you so much!

Carol B. from Napoleon OH

I just received my first order. I bought a Flower Therapy Facial Care Sampler, a six-pack of bar soap, the Terrific Tush creme, and a Hair Wash. Wow, I am hooked, hooked, hooked!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have used every cosmetic brand known to modern man and even made some of my own, out of frustration, and none of them can come close to the quality you offer. My husband and I are using all the products and are amazed in just a couple of days at how absolutely wonderful our face feels, how our hair looks, and our body feels after a bath. The products are just amazing and we are so relieved that they are totally chemical free as we both must be careful what we use.
Keep up the great work, have a long, prosperous life and never, never stop making your products!

Deborah S. from Guilford ME

My skin hasn’t felt this good in years! Since I have switched to real soap my daughter and I don’t have cracked bleeding knuckles and hands anymore. We wash our hands a lot in our house and I knew that the old junk I was using was causing our hands to crack and bleed and I mean it was bad. Your 100% Organic Tush Treatment has also helped keep our hands nice and soft. You probably noticed that I have gone crazy with your products. I really love them!

Heidi B. from Mesa AZ

I love all of your products, especially your Pure Earth Hair Wash! Friends and family members have been noticing a difference in my hair since using it (it’s much curlier and shinier now!)

Elizabeth K. from Manchester NH

I just received my cleansers, toners and lotions, but I can feel a difference already. I love their yummy smell. My skin hasn’t felt and looked this good in years! The change was so quick. No Chemicals = Happy Skin!

Kristie E. from Baltimore MD

We have been using your products since early this year and feel they are second to none. We have used and have had shipped over to us here in Japan many different products but since using Terressentials we will not use anything else.

Masayo N. from Tokyo Japan

I can’t say enough good things about this Hair Wash. My hair just responds beautifully!

Karen G. from Austin TX

I am writing just to thank you for your wonderful products. I’ve tried a lot of things from a lot of “all-natural/organic” companies but you guys have no equals! I ordered a deodorant, a body lotion, a body oil and a mask and I love them all!!! I’ve never been so excited about or happy with any skincare product; nothing ever impressed me that much. My skin literary drinks the oil and lotion, and the deodorant works unbelievably great, and the mask—oh, the mask just transformed my facial skin already after two times...the results I got from using the mask: glowing, tighter skin, rosy look, reduced pores, etc. I love you guys, I’ll be your customer forever. I wish you all the happiness and success in the world. God bless you all!

Yelena Z. from Ocean City NJ

May I say hats off to you for your planet-friendly and very cool products!

Nadia P. from Kingsville ON

I got your products and I absolutely LOVE them, they are the best by far! I’ve used every skincare brand there is (La ***, D**, M**** B*****, etc., etc.) and it was a waste of money and time—they just made my skin worse! I cannot believe I finally found the greatest skin care that I’ll be using for the rest of my life! I got my friend into your products and she feels the same way! Keep up the great quality of your products!

Ruby L. from Henderson NV

I just have to tell you I just love your products. Thank you for making such wonderful, pure, products. I am enjoying the skin care, body care, and baby products. Thank you. Thank you.

Tammy J. from Los Angeles CA

Until I read your site, my search for truly clean bodycare information turned out (for the most part) to be fruitless..... THANK YOU for your information and your wonderful website. I have been all over the internet in search of a clear, concise and honest database of this kind of information. I wish I called you six months ago!

Audrey D. from Toronto ON

Just have to tell you that I am using mostly all of your products and love them....for years I have purchased many different lines, hundreds of dollars and find that I will stick with your line, it’s wonderful....also, love that some of the products are in glass, what a bonus!

Leslie Z. from Allentown PA

Received my order Tuesday! Thank you for your excellent service and a very easy shopping experience. We will be shopping with you again. We especially love the lip balm!!!!

Marcia S. from Calabasas CA

Hi! I have had trouble with deodorants for years, switching frequently from the most natural brands I could find on the market to the crystal deodorant stone to my own inventions and back again. The ones that worked at controlling odor would eventually begin to irritate my underarms and the ones that didn’t irritate my underarms would eventually stop controlling odor. It has been a HUGE problem and the subject of much frustration for me over the years. I was—once again—shopping for a new brand of deodorant when I stumbled across Terressentials.
I am a compulsive label reader, so I was surprised to find that all of the ingredients were natural. I actually had to read the label twice. So often I will come across a product that appears all-natural, only to be disappointed when one or two ingredients turn out to be synthetic. Still, I wasn’t convinced that the deodorant would work, because the most natural ones have been less than satisfactory in the past. Well, it controls odor wonderfully and I’ve been using it for months now with no irritation. That must be some kind of record! I recommended it to my friend’s boyfriend, because my friend said that he’s allergic to all deodorants, so he doesn’t wear any. Understandably, this was a problem for her. He’s been using the deodorant for a month now and I’m pleased to report that both parties are very happy with the results. So, THANK YOU! :o)
I was SO excited to find a Terressentials pamphlet next to my deodorant when I stocked up recently, because—finally—there’s a company as compulsive as I am about natural ingredients.
I’ve tried all the samples of Terressentials’ products that I received in the mail and I can only think of one word to describe them: delicious! In the case of the Lip Protector, this is literally true, but the other products work, smell and feel so good that using them is simply a delicious experience. I love, love, LOVE the Cool Mint Body Wash and how tingly it makes me feel. This is a particularly good product for keeping cool during the hot summer months. I also love the smell and feel of the Baby Lotion, but all of the products are exceptional.
Since finding Terressentials I have been telling EVERYONE about you, so I hope more converts will find their way to your site and spread the word. I am so happy and excited about having found your website and your products. Instead of just complaining about the state of things and how the problems of the world are too big to tackle, you’ve gone out there and done something about them. You are about solutions—I love that!

Kirsten K. from Canoga Park CA

I just received the products I ordered from you guys and I want to thank you for shipping them so quickly. Also, I was so excited that I tried them right away and I am VERY impressed with the quality. It is a wonderment how you can make such smooth lotions without all the junk that other companies think they need to make a good lotion. I feel I am very picky and after years of searching for skin care products that truly are natural and amazing, I can relax knowing it has been done! Thank you!

Leandra R. from Morro Bay CA

Wow—just had to say am so impressed by the quality of your website and the vast amount of information you offer!! Thanks for caring!

Maica B. from Laguna Niguel CA

I am so thankful for your products. They truly are life-changing! I am recommending them all over the place.

Jennifer S. from New York NY

I use a lot of your products such as the Hair Wash and Body Washes. They are the best products I have ever used in my life! Oh yeah, the Lip Balm is SO amazing! Thank you!

F. from New York NY

I just happened upon your website and I am really excited by your company. I love your philosophy!

Kara from Omaha NE

I totally LOVE the Lavender Pure Earth Hair Wash (so neat!) and the Baby Oil. Both I will use ’til the day I die! They are wonderful! Thanks for making such awesome products. It’s almost as if I bought something from Eden’s pharmacy! :)

Heather B. from Lovettsville VA

I just wanted to thank you for such wonderful products! I am very particular about the ingredients I choose. Your Hair Washes and deodorants are simply the finest I have ever used. Thanks so much!

Marion M. from Bellmore NY

I wanted to drop a note to say THANK YOU!!!!! I’ve done some comparison with “other” products that try to make the same claim... however, none come even close to the quality that Terressentials puts in their products. I will no longer use “that other stuff” again!

Kathy Y. from Annapolis MD

I have been shopping in health food stores for about 25 years now and have tried most every “natural” deodorant out there and have never found one that really worked. I am compelled to tell you that your deodorants work 100% of the time, even after a very long day (in Florida), no less. I am telling everyone I know about your products.
Thanks for all that you do and the contribution you are making to mankind.

Libbye C. from St. Petersburg FL

Where do I begin? The shampoo left my hair like silk. And the lemon fragrance was so delicious that taking a shower actually put me in a good mood. I don’t know how you can get the totally pure and natural ingredients in your body wash to feel so creamy and sudsy and silky. I have never used a body wash that produced a more luscious lather (this is a big statement coming from a former cosmetics and body care junkie!) My skin felt like silk after using your body wash, as if I had exfoliated—silky, but not oily in the least. Likewise your fragrance-free facial cleanser. My face felt soft and smooth and clean, not stripped and not oily. I used to use expensive, department store, high-end facial cleansers and only one (which was, unfortunately, chemical-laden) came close to making my complexion feel as balanced and soft and perfect as yours. I honestly don’t know how you do it. To say that your products exceeded my expectations is an enormous understatement. And knowing that you are such sticklers about purity is such a huge relief to me. Since my surgery for a serious chronic disease, the use of natural, chemical-free, synthetic-free personal care products is as important to me as eating whole, organic foods. I am recommending your products to all my friends and relatives all over the country. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Marisa P. from Tampa FL

I don’t just like your products—I love them! For the last several years I have been using the “purest” products I can find. Nothing has left my hair so full, yet smooth and soft, yet with body as this (Pure Earth Hair Wash) has. If this is my “real” true hair coming through at last, I love it. Thank you for reintroducing it to me!

I.T. from Lysterfield Australia

I’ve been searching for non-chemical products for the last couple of years for my family, but mostly for my son. He’s autistic, and though doctors claim the cause is mostly genetic, there is increasing evidence that chemical exposure could play a part. There aren’t too many times for a mom of an autistic 6-year-old to relax, but I do now when he is in the tub. With the Gentle Bath Gel, he’s not overpowered by synthetic fragrance. And he gets such a kick out of the Hair Wash! Thank you for the peace of mind.

Christine D. from Scarborough ME

I am very serious about doing anything possible to 1) Promote Terressentials products 2) Get Terressentials products available within my surrounding area 3) Increase Terressentials sales so that I can ensure (for myself to the best of my ability) that the future of a company with such high standards, ideals, and moral integrity is as solid as possible!!!
The product that you are providing is soooo incredibly essential to myself and the entirety of the planet even if the rest of them don’t know it yet! And the amount of disinformation that is out there and false information that you must first overcome before true understanding of what you are providing can be accomplished is nothing less than staggering!
I just want you to know that I am very good at getting what I want and what I want is to someday be able to get Terressentials products at places like Albertsons grocery store!!! Think BIG!!!!!

Linda M. from Albuquerque NM

A company with a soul. How refreshing!

Susan R. from Middletown MD

I’m so thrilled I found you guys. You’ve changed my life!

Heidi S. from Boonsboro MD

Jesse...introduced me to your products and I have been hooked on them ever since. The Pure Earth Hair Wash is so clean and natural! It leaves no residues behind, and it is wonderfully aromatic, like the body wash. I usually take a shower twice a day and when ever I go in, I do not want to get out. The body wash is totally invigorating!
I feel really satisfied with your products. I keep my family healthy. I use only organic foods and I think our skin and hair should be treated the same. I am 32 years old and I am physically fit but in addition to that, my friends always tell me that I am glowing...thanks to your skin care and body wash!
I think that if a company is going out there and getting me a product that comes directly from nature and is chemical-free, then they have my vote—especially if the product is good to me and my family. Your products are great! I wish you all the success in the world. I do believe that your company will expand. Once you have a good product, which I think you do, you will become a household name. Thank you for your wonderful products!

Marva L. from Newark DE

The products manufactured by [a certain other “organic” company] are NOT organic. In my search for 100% organic personal care products I have come across only one company that makes a truly organic product. This company is Terressentials. Please note that I have no affiliation with Terressentials besides the fact that I believe in their mission.

Jeanne W. from Spencer MA

I love, love, love your Fragrance-free Body Lotion! For years, I have had a problem with the skin on my pointer fingers. They were always cracked in winter, and I suffered from dry skin on the rest of my hands as well. The first application of your lotion made an instant improvement: no more cracked skin. One application seems to last for hours, even through hand washings. There is no greasy residue, just the softest silken feeling for my poor overworked hands. I’m so happy to have found your truly natural line. I intend to try all your facial, and body care products. Keep adding new things, and I will try them all. Keep educating people about the truth of natural products.

Joann P. from Dover NJ

I brought back my favorite facial cleanser and shared with my sisters and my friends (in Japan). Guess what? They loved it! And I think they loved the fact that it’s not only kind for the skin but also for the environment...I DO still want to purchase your super ultra great facial cleanser as I ordered before.

Akiko G. from San Francisco CA

I must tell you, EVERYONE who has used the Organic Flower Therapy just LOVES IT. My friend just came in and bought the last body lotion, saying she had to buy another one because her daughters keep fighting over the one bottle! Thank you for a beautiful, feminine, delicate treat!

Glenda S. from Manchester CT

I love that Flower Therapy Replenishing Facial Cream! All my kids use it!

Susan P. from Tucson AZ

May I first say how much I love your products!

Wendy S. from New York New York

Your products are exquisite!!!!!!!!! I started using your Lavender Fresh Deodorant that I had purchased at a store in NYC. It is truly an excellent and effective product—so I went to your website and ordered the Lavender Body Wash, trial size face products, Flower Therapy Lotion, lip balm and Lavender and Sultry Spice Hair Wash. I am most pleased with everything I have purchased from you—each product is better than the next! The hair wash is so wonderful—I have long hair and have already used up most of both little bottles, so, here I am ordering more—and trying more of your superb products. I just wanted to thank you for these wondrous potions and lotions. My hair and skin feel great and are very grateful. Your philosophy is so right—right thinking, right living.

Emma M. from Phoenicia NY

I absolutely love the lip protectors! Thank you!

Dianne S. from London UK

I love the facial items and clay hair wash! I also really like the lip protector...the orange is really nice!

Theresa D. from Goleta CA

I started using the Hair Cleanser in December and I *love* it. I adore it. It makes my hair have body and shine. My hair looks and feels very thick. There’s no product build-up. This is the best thing I’ve ever used on my hair!

Jodi H. from Madison WI

I love your products! I tried samples and now have full-sized products on order. I’ve tried your Fragrance-free Facial Cleanser and it works really well on my face. Thanks!

L. Winston, Durham NC

I love your company and would like to thank you for creating truly pure products.

Carolyn K.

Holy s***! This lip protector is incredible! You guys rock!

Tiffany, Cambridge MA

I love your liquid hand soap!

Mandy C.

I tried your hair wash and just loved it!!

Anne L. from Newark DE

Just wanted to get back to you with a status on the hair wash. I love it! Also, my dad used it and “really, really likes” it!

Corinne R.

I met you at MOM’s tasting this fall, bought tons of lavender cosmetics, and love it!

Molly H. from Rockville MD

That new organic deodorant of yours is fabulous! It’s terrific! I love it! Thank you!!!

Della W. from Myersville MD

It’s a pleasure doing business with you!

Raula N. from Dallas TX

I wanted to say “I LOVE your products so much!!” They help me have moments of peace with my MCS that I normally do not find!! those are my small blessings! :-)) I wanted to tell you that I have been trying very hard to see if I can get your products in the stores here. It has been hard as the stores hate to change! But I am still working on them. Also I have been telling the MCS group that I belong to how much I love your products. I hope it will bring more business to you. Please keep up the great work with these products. I REALLY don’t know what I would do without your great products!!

Diane W. from Higley AZ

I ordered some stuff from you not long ago, and completely dig it all! Thanks!

Jessica L. from Chantilly VA

We love your products!

Cris T. from Boise ID

I would like to say thank you for your hard work, it is nice to know people like your company are out there!

Phyllis T., Bethesda MD

I have recently bought a 6 oz. bottle of your Flower Therapy Silken Velvet Body Lotion while stopping on my ride back home from my holiday events. I have absolutely fallen in love with it!

David from CT

If you call it luck, destiny, or just plain serendipity, who am I to question fate. I literally eavesdropped on your wonderful products as I overheard a customer at MOMs (My Organic Market) in Rockville, MD. describe the questionable labeling tactics of many “natural” hair and skin product companies. Being the curious type, I thought her support of your products was compelling enough to put a product the test at home. In a word, WOW! I experimented with a lavender Body Wash. The fragrance alone could have contributed to a meditative state. Keep up the great work! The state of Maryland should be proud.

K.N. from Silver Spring, MD

Thank you for the Shower Gel—it’s wonderful!

M.D. from Walden NY

That White Chocolate Lip Protector is the best thing in the world!

S.B. from Bethesda MD

The Moisture Cream is creamy and wonderful!

Mary H. from Hagerstown MD

My thanks for 100% natural (honestly!) quality products! Keep up the good work!

M.D. from Walden NY

I’m really in love with your products! You’ve got the best products in the world! Definitely!
The skin care products are wonderful! The Facial Cleanser is so lavish! Thanks for great products!

Cynthia V. from New Freedom PA

Your Facial Cleanser gives my skin such a good feeling! There is nothing on the market that can compare to it!

Mary H. from Hagerstown MD

I’m impressed!! My hair doesn’t feel weighted down or greasy. It’s much smoother than before. Nice clean smell, too. Thanks a bunch!!

Ricky F. from Meridian MS

You are the only company I know of that has real integrity. I really appreciate what you’re doing!

Michele P. from Cochiti Lake NM

The Organic Fragrance-free Facial Lotion is absolutely stupendous! It’s marvelous! It’s so exciting! It’s the best thing I’ve ever, ever used in my life!

Carol S. from Jupiter FL

It’s nice to know there’s a company out there you can count on. Thanks for caring!

S.D. from Pleasantville NY

You’re my favorite company!

Sharon M. from Mahomet IL

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your Lavender Garden Pure Earth Hair Wash. It smells incredible, and leaves my very dry hair clean and soft, without ever stripping it. Did I mention that I love the way it smells? :) I also love your White Chocolate and Mint Lip Protector (except I keep licking it off because it tastes good!) Thank you for making such pure, trustworthy products.

Kristina G.

Your products are totally revolutionary! I’m really impressed! I’m really excited about finding your line!

Diane A. from Dayton OH

I fell in love with this stuff!

K.F. from Milwaukee WI

Recently, while in NYC, I bought your Facial Cream and I think it’s absolutely great! Also, I’m awfully impressed with the list of ingredients -- it’s all so pure and natural!

Maria L. from East Greenbush NY

I absolutely love your products! I think it is great what your company offers and the high quality you products adhere to. I have not found any other brands who are as pure as Terressentials.

Miriam H. from New Haven CT

I finished my trial supply of the Flower Therapy Skin Care Sampler and loved it. My complexion is clearer and my skin is softer. It’s a great product!

Kristin L. from Fountain CO

I can’t wait to replace more of my un-natural products, and I like what I’ve received from you. Thank you so much -- you are very appreciated!

Jennifer B. from Billings MT

Bravo! You guys have really done a wonderful job!

Regina G. from Austin TX

This is really great stuff, man!

Craig A. from Campbell CA

Thank you for helping people like me and saving the environment for us all!

Margaret B. from Northville MT

I’m so glad there are companies like your trying to help. I’ve been so impressed with you! Keep up the good work!

Bobby M.

I can’t believe the difference in my skin!

Barbara R. from Hackensack NJ

You’re my favorite company!

Sharon M. from Mahomet IL

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Linda S. from Pierce City MO

I can’t believe the research you’ve done! You’ve gone beyond A to Z!

Sean from Bowie MD

Your shampoo is great! I’m so glad it exists! None can compare to its purity and appropriateness for sensitive skin people like me who want something kind and gentle. Thank you for making it -- I love it!

Regina G. from Coralville IA

I just love your hair products! This proves that you don’t need all that junk to clean your hair.

Anita W. from Seattle WA

Your hair products are so wonderful! I have used other “natural” products before, but none have ever made my hair feel so full and manageable!

Karen G. from Austin TX

I love what you’re doing! You’re my kind of people!

Dr. Doris Rapp

Thank heavens you’re there!

Susan H.

Thank you for your efforts to try and save our planet and environment. Even though now people take this world for granted, generations to come will appreciate your work greatly.

Meredith R. from Phenix City AL

I am very anxious to switch my allegiance from the giant companies I have used for years to companies like yours. I only pray that one day all companies will see the light.

Jennifer N. from Trophy Club TX

I love you! You are the first company I have found that carries non-coconut-containing shampoos!

Sande W.

You have shown me that customer relations is one of your top priorities, and that is very important to me as a consumer. I wish there were more companies like yours who cared more about customer satisfaction than about profit. Thank you!

Kristina G. from Juneau AK

Your stuff is awesome!!!

Pia Z. from Beverly Hills CA


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