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New Amazing Bar Soaps!

Oh, boy! Fun new soap blends for fall!  Do check out some of our new favorites and our new Duo and Trio Gift Samplers!

See our new Soap Gift Samplers in our Middletown store now! And coming to our web site any day! The Sampler above is one of our new Trio Gift Samplers.

Note: three of our lovely new bars introduced here are Seasonal Specials, This means that they will only be available for a brief period or as long as supplies last. So, be sure to order a few bars today for your special soap stash! And, hey! Do order a few extra to gift family and friends with organic goodness!

Peace ThymeA delightfully green and peaceful aroma magically reminiscent of a beautiful, fresh, green herb garden in Spring! This was such a well-loved soap here at the shop, that we just had to add it to our permanent soap collection! Now, all of our wonderful customers can enjoy this awesome herbally-green soap. Who doesn't need some Peace Thyme?

Seaside Serenade—The soap that will transport you to that special secret seaside place where the sea's breeze is always salty and fresh with a subtle sweet and green aroma that swirls in the air and every so often, you catch the lightest note of...wait—is that a hint of floral and citrus? (Seasonal Special Bar Soap)

Pumpkin SpiceThe beloved scents of Fall! Embrace the comforting, warm and delicious aroma of pumpkin pie spices and sweet vanilla! Plus, enjoy the gentle exfoliating and skin nourishing benefits of real pumpkin. When Isabel was wrapping some of these incredibly aromatic, yummy bars, she told us that they smelled so divine that she was tempted to take a bite out of every bar. But don't worry, she didn't bite any bars! DISCLAIMER: DO NOT EAT THE BAR SOAPS!  : )  (Seasonal Special Bar Soap)

Soulful Cedar—Your prescription is...Forest Therapy! Wander through the deep evergreen mountain forest and feed your soul with a scentual, earthy aromatic calming experience that soothes with warm and woodsy notes and a sweet and lively hint that citrus? Where are those wood sprites who are sprinkling the air with those teasing notes of sweetness? They must be hiding among those soulful cedars! (Seasonal Special Bar Soap)



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