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Welcome to our organic Body Lotion collection!

Beautiful Silken Velvet lotionsemollient and delightfully aromatic, our organic lotions will soothe and soften and lift your spirits! They are a rich, moisturizing pleasure that you deserve. You must try them today!

Why are we committed to crafting organic personal care products? After my experience with life-threatening cancer and radical, experimental chemotherapy, I woke up! I began to question everything that I rubbed into my body and put in my mouth. My research journey became my obsession. I needed to learn how to avoid a cancer recurrence and how to restore my health. I read hundreds of medical studies and science reports, dozens of chemical dictionaries, hundreds of industrial chemistry reference texts and journals. I also studied hundreds of patents detailing the industrial chemical processes and the toxic petrochemicals used to manufacture personal care (and foods!) ingredients. The more I read, the more disturbed I was by what I learned about the "natural" ingredients of the various products that I had been using and that I assumed were safe. Armed with the uncomfortable truth about synthetic personal care ingredients,  my partner and I began to formulate our truly organic products.

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