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Welcome to our certified organic Body Lotion collection! If you are concerned about what chemicals you might be rubbing into your body and you want to support certified organic operations, congratulationsyou just found the finest, most genuine certified organic lotions in the world!

Beautiful Silken Velvet lotionsemollient and delightfully aromatic, our certified organic lotions will soothe and soften and lift your spirits! They are a rich, moisturizing pleasure that you deserve. You must try them today!

Why are we committed to crafting only real certified organic personal care products? After my experience with life-threatening cancer and radical, experimental chemotherapy, I woke up! I began to question everything that I rubbed into my body and put in my mouth. My research journey became my obsession. I needed to learn how to avoid a cancer recurrence and how to restore my health. I read hundreds of medical studies and science reports, dozens of chemical dictionaries, hundreds of industrial chemistry reference texts and journals. I also studied hundreds of patents detailing the industrial chemical processes and the toxic petrochemicals used to manufacture personal care (and foods!) ingredients. The more I read, the more disturbed I was by what I learned about the "natural" ingredients of the various products that I had been using and that I assumed were safe. Armed with the uncomfortable truth about synthetic personal care ingredients and completely committed to USDA organic certification, my partner and I began to formulate our products with organic certification in minda decade before the National Organic Program was enacted as a US federal law.

Important news: There is no legal definition of "natural" and only a legal definition of USDA certified organic products! So please, always look for the USDA organic seal on a body lotion before you make a purchase. You deserve the best authentic, certified organic productsyou're worth it!

Think about this: when your bottle of body lotion is empty, where did all of that lotion go?


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