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Interested in Working at Terressentials?

Our small business, located two miles west of Middletown MD on Old National Pike, is a forward-thinking, multi-faceted and unique one dedicated to teaching others about the benefits of living a chemical-free, environmentally-conscious and organic lifestyle. We are organic personal care product pioneers, political activists, committed environmentalists and fair made artisans.

Since 1991, we have grown our expanding USDA certified organic business that centers around our line of hand-crafted 100% natural, USDA certified organic and chemical-free herbal body care items. We make about 100 different beautiful and organic skin care products and ship them to customers around the world. We research and develop all of our own product formulas and design all of our packaging and educational materials in-house. We also make all of our body care products and labels at our facility.

In addition to formulating organic products—mixing, blending and bottling—we also research organic raw materials and packaging components, label and assemble containers and gift samplers, pack and ship domestic and international orders, and provide organic education to our many good customers via email, telephone and in our two company-owned retail stores. Our team members may also participate in managing our two retail stores. Managing the retail stores includes buying assistance—researching and evaluating new organic and fair made products produced by other complementary environmentally-oriented artisan companies—and the creation of artistic visual merchandising displays and, of course, customer education and service.

We also do in-house design and management of our company web site and several blogs. We research and write articles for our web site and blogs, and create educational materials for our various organic educational efforts. We have recently expanded into producing exciting educational video documentaries and have completed a new, hilarious Organic Rap Video that has gone viral on YouTube. We are looking towards further exploration of this fascinating video medium as a new tool for our organic educational efforts.

Our central Middletown Valley location on our small organic farm provides us with the opportunity to conduct interesting experimental botanical projects. Our most recent planting endeavors, our organic aromatic plant and our organic native fruit and nut projects, will provide us with creative venues for developing new products, and will showcase new, sustainable and organic alternative agricultural crop opportunities for local farmers.

Terressentials has been receiving a tremendous amount of attention from the media over the past few years, including being featured on the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs show. This means that, although we are a small company right now, we are poised for dynamic growth. Consequently, opportunities for positions of responsibility will increase as well, affording an unprecedented ground-floor opportunity for those serious career-oriented individuals who are interested in a long-term growth position.

We are looking for articulate, environmentally-conscious, organic-minded and passionate individuals to join our growing organic botanical body care company. We seek individuals who have an interest or background in one or more relevant areas such as herbs, environmental studies or activism, art, crafts or culinary arts, and a strong desire to learn more.

We need help in all areas of our business: crafting our products (measuring, mixing and so on) and in the labeling and packaging department, and in customer education.

All positions to be filled are entry-level. Previous laboratory or production experience is not a prerequisite—we provide training. We are seeking individuals interested in a long-term growth career position. Ideal apprentices will have the opportunity to learn about and work in all phases of our business. Compensation will reflect an individual’s interest, commitment and ability to contribute to the success of the company.

We offer a wonderful learning opportunity and a cooperative team atmosphere, and a pleasant and healthy work environment. We also offer the opportunity for discounts on merchandise.

Individuals must be intelligent, neat, dependable, energetic, organized team players. A cooperative, positive attitude is required, and a good sense of humor is highly regarded, at Terressentials. Nonsmokers only, please.

We are not a “multi-level” or MLM organization.

Check out the rest of our web site to find out more about our philosophy and the products we make.



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