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Horses aren't just our loving companions and riding partners, they're a significant investment. Does it make sense to wash your beloved companion with toxic, unnatural and unhealthy chemicals? Don't we want our gentle giant companions to live a healthy and long life? Our answer is YES! Our truly natural and certified organic Mane-To-Tail Horse Cleanser bars give you, your horse and the planet a break from cheap, commonly-used, unsustainable and unhealthy killer chemicalsand give you peace of mind!  (OK, now breathe with relief!)

We were disturbed to read the toxic chemical ingredients found in the common horse washing products and insect repellents, even those marketed as "natural!" There's no legal definition of the word natural, so beware of trickster marketers. Our Mane to Tail Horse Cleanser bars are a specially-formulated, elegant and protective blend of richly emollient organic base oils for a supreme equine cleansing wash.  

Importantly, our organic Horse Cleanser Bars are excellent, real soap cleansing bars (no nonsense faux soaps, synthetic detergents, etc....ever!) that effectively wash away dirt and odor without burdening your beautiful horse (or the planet!) with industrial chemical cleaning agents, repellent pesticides, petrochemical fragrances or preservatives and other nasty ya-da-ya-da Frankenstein chemical compounds. Use our Midnight Ride Horse Cleanser certified organic bars for the finest, natural and healthy, organic clean for your beloved horse's next spa day!

For you deep-dive researchers, read on...

Horses are a large investment that we want to protect them to ensure that they will live a long and healthy and happy life. When we make the investment in our long-lived horses, we always consider how to best care for them. New research shows that it doesn't make sense to "clean" our beloved animal companions with synthetic industrial petrochemical detergents, pesticides, preservatives and fragrances posing as equine shampoos and conditioners and other topical treatments.

Did you know that up to 60% of liquid products topically applied are absorbed into the body and into the blood stream to circulate throughout the body within minutes? Chemical fragrance and disinfectant and insect repellent volatile compounds and particulates ingredient in spray products are inhaled immediately and continuously, passing directly into the bloodstream and throughout the body in minutes. Sadly, many chemicals are powerful endocrine-disruptors in humans AND ANIMALS and, when absorbed into the body, can remain stored in organs, muscles and bones for decades and can wreak havoc with body functions, can cause disease and even death. The larger the animal, the more toxins can accumulate.

OK, just think for a minute. Knowing what research shows us, does it make sense to wash toxic chemicals into the animal's bodies, into the barnyard or down the drain or driveway into our wells and waterways? Who wants to drink petrochemical detergents, disinfectants, preservatives, fragrance compounds or fly, flea or tick repellent pesticides in their glass of water or have them in the watering trough? New studies just released have found that these animal insect repellent chemicals (and the chemical detergents and fragrances and preservatives)found in shampoo and bug repellent treatment productshave now been identified in our waterways and tap water, and in significantly high quantities! Yep, that's right. Turns out that millions of dogs and horses get bathed every day across this country and the "cleaning" and insect repellent toxic chemicals  are washed down bathtub and barn drains, and directly into barn yards, fields, and leach into ground water, flow into creeks and are washed downstream into our streams, lakes, riversall waterways. These chemicals are now everywhere and they never disappear because they are replenished in significant volumes every day! Oh, please stop! We want no part of this! We'd rather be a part of the clean solution!

So let's do better! Why not begin a healthier transition away from those nasty conventional chemical pollutants today? Start today with a small step and give yourself, your animal bestie and the planet a break from the unsustainable and unhealthy killer chemicals and begin with a really natural and healthy, organic cleanser. Don't wait! Bathe your best horse with our awesome Terressentials Mane-To-Tail Coat Cleansers on your next bath day! Our organic bar Cleansers are a breeze to handle, especially as you've got your hands full when trying to bathe a squiggling, squirmy, energetic colt or a large and skittish pony, who may or may not like the water! Our bar Coat Cleansers are specially-formulated with excellent blends of emollient organic oils and butters so they're gentle for your animal's skin and, importantly, are excellent real soap shampoo bars that effectively wash away the dirt and those animal odors without burdening your buddy with chemical faux soap industrial synthetic detergent cleaning agents, repellent pesticides, petrochemical fragrances or preservatives and other nasty ya-da-ya-da Frankenstein chemical compounds. Our new organic animal Cleansers keep your animal's coat an d skin clean, soft and fresh and help us all to have healthier bodies and happier spirits without adding toxins to our body or worry to our souls!


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