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Face & Body Cleansing and Exfoliation Tools

Daily EXFOLIATION is a necessity for everyone--woman, man and child! We live in a world where toxic nano micro particles of many substances including carcinogenic hydrocarbons, pesticides even petrochemical spray paints float through the air everywhere and, unfortunately, these toxic lipophilic particles are attracted to and adhere to any oil on your face or body and, because of their micro size, can penetrate your skin and can be carried into your bloodstream and deposited in organs, tissues and fats throughout your body. So, how can you minimize and remove nasty nano micro particles from your skin BEFORE they can penetrate subcutaneous tissues and deeper regions of your body? Cleanse frequently using an exfoliating tool!

Here's how it works.  Wash your face and body with warm pure water (as warm as you can comfortably tolerate) a Terressentials organic cleanser, and be sure to use a good exfoliating/cleasnsing tool.  Why do you need an exfoliating tool?  Why not just use your fingers?  Read on to learn why exfoliating tools are so important...

Everyone's skin naturally has many cracks and crevices, most not visible to the eye and some that are more pronounced and easily visible to the eye, especially the fine lines and wrinkles that our bodies express as we age.  The problematic exposure issue lies with the toxic nano micro particles that are attracted to the oils on our bodies and that, over the course of your day, slowly work their way deeper and deeper through the skin and capillary network into our blood and even into our cells!  Note that exfoliating tools are designed to be used with with a cleanser and warm water. We strongly recommend using one of our organic facial and body cleansers with an exfoliating tool that's made from only natural materials as the exfoliating tool's natural fibers gently penetrate the cracks and crevices of your skin and grab those nasty toxic particles and lift them off of your face and body and then the particles can be washed down the drain when you rinse your exfoliating tool. Using one's fingers alone (without the microscopic fibers) is not effective for reaching into the fine cracks in the skin and actually pushes the micro particles deeper into the skin. Plus, using one of our organic true castile cleansers works so well because of the unique double molecule nature of the castile base which is both hydrophilic and lipophilic--the castile binds to oily and non-oily particles, grabbing them for removal from the skin

We have scoured the globe to find the best collection of completely natural and biodegradeable exfoliating tools for you to try.  We suggest trying a few different tools to find which one best suits your daily cleansing preferences.  Our tools are all natural options and the cool thing--they are compostable when they have run their tour of duty! No petrochemical plastic scrubbers here!

Of course, we highly recommend using our organic face and body washes with your exfoliating tool for the most effective deep cleansing!  For your personal exfoliating and cleansing needs, see our Facial Care systems and our many Body Wash Cleansers and Bar Soap options to find the system, scents and herbals that work best, most effectively for you!



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