Clarifying Hair Cleanser Duo Sampler

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A great and useful gift!  A gift that's organic, non-toxic, waterways-friendly AND a fantastic Hair Cleanser!

Our new Clarifying Hair Cleanser Duo Sampler contains one of each of the two Clarifying Cleanser bars. This Duo Sampler is a perfect gift for someone you know who treasures wonderful, natural hair and has a deep concern for the environment and our waterways.  Whether tucked in a backpack or a suitcase—they're absolutely the best choice for the eco-minded traveler!

Terressentials Clarifying Hair Cleanser bars are unique Clarifying Hair Cleansers made with organic base oils and natural mineral-rich clays. What makes these new Hair Cleanser bars special? The clays! ClaysMother Earth herself—are nature's special gifts that carry a natural electrical charge that works to attract/pull excess oils, dirt and toxins from the hair and scalp. Of course, our Clarifying Hair Cleanser organic bars contain NO synthetics, so NO chemical detergents to strip the hair and NO toxic synthetic conventional petrochemical plastics or waxes or GMO bio-polymer plastic polymers to buildup on hair and scalp, and pollute our waterways.

Our Clarifying Hair Cleanser Duo Sampler offers everyone a grand opportunity to try both Clarifying Hair Cleanser bars to find the perfect cleansing combination that works great for each unique hair type—and that works best with one's water supply.

Be sure to check out all of our other inspirational Sampler combinations and order a few different Terressentials Samplers to express your appreciation and as small, caring gifts for all of those special people in your circle who make your life better! Don't forget teachers, service people, your friendly delivery people, co-workers and neighbors, and of course family and close friends.  Our Duo and Trio Bar Soap Samplers also make great hostess or housewarming or bridesmaids' gifts! Share organic love!



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