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Organic Baby Care

Your precious child. You risked your life to grow and bring your sweet baby into this world. After the extreme effort of delivering a lovely, perfect child, why expose your little one to industrial synthetic cleanser chemicals, synthetic oily substances, chemical fragrance chemicals and toxic preservatives before your child's immune system is even fully developed? Gambling with unhealthy and fake natural products and rubbing them into your baby's body is not worth the risk!

We recommend that you only use USDA certified organic ingredients on your baby's tender body. Protect and soothe your little one's skin with our Terressentials organic baby care. Gentle organic cleansers, moisturizers and bottom balms for babies and children that are lightly scented with organic essentials oils or fragrance-free. Our products are handcrafted and genuinetruly natural and organicno empty "natural" claims. GMO-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and sulfate-free: genuine organic purity and peace of mind!

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