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Organic Cool Mint Body Wash

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Are you seeking an invigorating and exciting, revitalizing experience? Jump into the shower and wake up your senses with Terressentials' Organic Cool Mint Body Wash. A totally refreshing pure castile infused with two stimulating mints—organic spearmint and organic peppermint oils—that cleanses your body, clears your head and jump-starts your mind. Dive in! You’ll be tingling all over!

No synthetic surfactants/detergents, emollients, fragrances or preservatives, just a pure, natural clean. Follow with a Terressentials Organic Body Lotion or Terressentials Organic Super Emollient Moisturizer to moisturize and protect your skin. Recommended for normal or mature skin types.


Ingredients: Organic aloe vera juice (from concentrate), organic coconut oil castile soap (saponified organic coconut oil), bentonite clay, organic olive oil castile soap (saponified organic olive oil), essential oils of organic peppermint and organic spearmint , organic extracts of organic turmeric, organic calendula, organic alchemilla (lady’s mantle) and organic marshmallow.


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