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Organic Peppermint Fantasy Super Emollient Moisturizer

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Peppermint Fantasy stimulates and relaxes at the same time—it’s true! Imagine a mountain of pure certified organic cocoa butter, the lofty summit crowned in crisp certified organic peppermint and sweet spearmint, a soft mist of pure certified organic vanilla swirling about. Tingly...​invigorating...​yet soft. Our Terressentials gourmet Organic Super Emollient Moisturizers are deeply moisturizing, unique liquid balms enriched with certified organic cocoa butter beads suspended in certified organic sunflower oil and our certified organic herb-infused certified organic virgin coconut oil and blended with our refreshing certified organic aroma blends. Perfect for sensitive individuals, mature skin, or for softening tired, extra dry or irritated skin, or for a great and soothing massage. Ah!

Terressentials' Organic Super Emollient Moisturizers also make excellent conditioners for thick and dry or damaged hair and dry scalps—gently massage a few drops into your hair after washing or while washing with our Pure Earth Hair Wash.

Every ingredient is deliciously certified organic!

Ingredients: Cold-pressed organic sunflower oil, organic cocoa butter, organic vanilla infused in organic sunflower oil, essential oils of organic peppermint and organic spearmint, infusions of organic chamomile, organic calendula, organic angelica and organic centella in organic virgin coconut oil.


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