Cool Mint Pure Earth Hair Wash

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Our Terressentials Cool Mint Pure Earth Hair Wash is a unique clay-based, simple, yet effective alternative to conventional detergent-based foamy shampoos. Our "Mud" cleans your hair without any fake foam or bubbles! Our Pure Earth Hair Wash contains zero chemical detergents, foam boosters, "protein" bio-plastics or petrochemical thickeners and coating agents, emulsifiers, chemical preservatives or fragrances to pollute your body or our waterways. Our Pure Earth Hair Wash doesn't attack your hair and leaves no icky synthetic gummy stuff on your hair, so your hair will be clean, full, soft and shiny.

Cool Mint works particularly well for fine, thin, straight or wavy hair types (1, 2A-C), and normal to oily scalps. Our Terressentials Cool Mint Hair Wash is very cool, refreshing and stimulating! Your head will be tingly and your mind and spirit will be recharged—clear and invigorated! Great for men, women and older kids!

Note: It is strongly recommended that everyone read our Hair Wash Instructions AND do the important Speed-The-Detox process using our Clarifying Hair Cleanser BEFORE starting to use the Pure Earth Hair Wash. Please Click Here for more information before ordering!

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PS—Did you happen to catch our Pure Earth Hair Wash Mud-Makin-Day on the Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs show, or see our Mud in action in one of the many video testimonials on YouTube?

Ingredients: Organic aloe vera juice (from concentrate), bentonite clay, organic extracts of organic linden flower, organic nettle, organic chamomile and organic shavegrass, essential oils of organic peppermint and organic spearmint.



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