Fragrance-free Pure Earth Hair Wash

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“Mud” that cleans your hair? Our distinctive and effective  Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash does an incredibly beautiful job of cleaning your hair without any chemical detergents, foam boosters, "protein" bio-polymer plastics or petrochemical liquid plastic thickeners and other synthetic coating agents, emulsifiers or petrochemical preservatives or fragrances. It leaves nothing on your hair, so your hair will be clean, full, soft and shiny. 

Our Terressentials Fragrance-free Hair Wash is recommended for those with sensitive or irritated scalps and/or those with normal to oily, fine, thin, straight or wavy hair types (1, 2A-2C). Kids love our Fragrance-free “mud”, too!

Note: For best results and a speedier detox process, it is strongly recommended that everyone read our Hair Wash Instructions AND do the important Speed-The-Detox process using our Clarifying Hair Cleanser BEFORE starting to use the Pure Earth Hair Wash. Please Click Here for more information before ordering!

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Ingredients: Organic aloe vera juice (from concentrate), bentonite clay, organic extracts of organic linden flower, organic nettle, organic chamomile and organic shavegrass.



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