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NEW! Real Soap Breezin' Fragrance-free — Made with Certified Organic Oil & Herbals!

$ 7.95

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Your hands will revel in this traditional Fragrance-free castile Real Soap made from pure certified organic coconut oil, free of synthetic detergents, foam boosters, thickeners, dyes, perfumes, and preservatives.

Our Terressentials organic coconut castile Real Soap is blended in small batches with soothing certified organic aloe vera juice and certified organic calendula extract.

Sustainable house cleaning tips: our Terressentials Real Soap is also a highly effective and environmentally-friendly housecleaning helper—may be diluted for excellent hand-washing of dishes; diluted in a pail of water or a spray bottle for cleaning the kitchen, the bath and everywhere throughout the home—countertops, floors, walls, sinks and more—use full strength for washing laundry! For healthy all-around-the-house all-purpose usage, see our Real Soap refill size (16 oz.) for an economical purchase.  

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Ingredients: Organic aloe vera juice concentrate, organic coconut oil castile soap (made with organic virgin coconut oil) organic extract of organic calendula.


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