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NEW! Pink Clay Clarifying Hair Cleanser Bar

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 Enjoy our Clarifying Hair Cleanser bars at a special introductory price!

Our new Pink Clay with Himalayan Salt Clarifying Hair Cleanser bar features natural mineral-rich pink clay and soothing Himalayan pink salt, with a complex and yummy blend of essential oils of sweet orange, warm cedar, calming lavender, and hint-of-floral geranium to nourish and protect your hair and scalp, and delight your soul! Also, the Pink Clay Clarifying Hair Cleanser has an added bonus of apricot kernel oil—a super benefit for dry hair or scalp. This bar Cleanser's hint of Himalayan salt is a special touch of Mother Nature's purest electrolytes to nourish your scalp and hair—the benefit of a mineral bath for your scalp is particularly soothing for anyone with an irritated scalp or seeking to nourish weaker hair follicles!

The new Clarifying Hair Cleanser bars work great as a periodic deep cleanser or even as a daily cleanser. If you've already detoxed your hair and transitioned to our Pure Earth Hair Wash, then know that there is no worry about repeating your detox when using the new Clarifying Hair Cleanser bars as our new Clarifying Hair Cleanser bars are perfectly compatible with our Pure Earth Hair Wash! And, as with all of our fine, organic products the Clarifying Hair Cleanser Bars will never leave deposits of plastic polymers or other synthetics on your hair! If you haven't yet tried our Pure Earth Hair Wash (but have been curious to try it!), do use the Clarifying Hair Cleanser bar as your first detoxifying pre-wash step before starting to use our Pure Earth Hair Wash. And a heads-up, the Hair Cleanser bars are perfect for travel with no worries about compatibility with our Pure Earth Hair Wash!

It's important to note that different clays have their own unique electrical charge that can provide different results for different hair types. We highly recommend that you try both of our Clarifying Hair Cleanser bars--Green and Pink clay types (and our original clay-based Pure Earth Hair Wash!)--to find a cleanser or combination of our cleansers that will work together and beautifully for your unique hair type—and that works best with your home's water supply.

TIP 1: A dilute vinegar/water (2:1, 2 water, 1 vinegar) rinse may be used as a second conditioning rinse, if desired, for some detangling and softening of thick, curly or kinky hair types, minimize static for finer hair, balancing the scalp and reducing itchiness, or removing mineral build-up if you live in a location with hard water. If using the vinegar/water rinse method, follow with a third final rinse of plain water. Note that this special rinse is NOT required.

TIP 2: If you have super dry or difficult to control hair, or scaly scalp, you may wish to try a bit of our Super Emollient Moisturizer as a leave-in conditioner or as an added conditioning emollient when cleansing your hair.

 Ingredients: Saponified oils of organic sunflower, coconut, palm, and safflower (with retained glycerin); water; essential oils of orange, cedarwood, lavender, and geranium; pink clay; Himalayan pink salt; organic apricot kernel oil; rosemary extract.



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