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Organic Flower Therapy Skin Care Sampler

$ 14.95

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If you've never used our facial care products previously, THIS is our recommended first-use kit to experience our small-batch organic skin care products to determine the suitability of our different facial care systems for your individual skin type.

If you are a normal to oily skin type, we suggest that you try this Flower Therapy Skin Care Sampler that contains 1/4 oz. trial sizes of each of the four Terressentials Organic Flower Therapy Skin Care products—the Cleanser, Toner, Lotion and Cream—before purchasing the full-size products. (Note: we package our skin care system products together because we don’t recommend using our skin care products along with products from other manufacturers.)  Follow the included instructions for important patch test details and usage notes.

The Flower Therapy Skin Care Sampler contains enough product for several days of personal experimentation—also ideal for a weekend get-away travel kit or a sweet girlfriend gift! Includes written instructions for use. For mature, sensitive, hyper-reactive or acne-prone, or normal to dry skin types, please see our Organic Fragrance-free Facial Care Sampler (Click Here). 



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