NEW! Fragrance Free Dog Coat Cleanser

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Our truly natural and certified organic Coat Cleanser bars give you, your dog and the planet a break from commonly-used, unsustainable and unhealthy killer chemicalsand give you peace of mind!  (OK, sigh with relief!)

Our Fragrance-Free Coat Cleanser bars are specially-formulated with an excellent blend of richly emollient organic base oils combined with soothing organic oats, organic shea butter and a touch of honey for a super gentle cleansing wash for your dog's sensitive skin.

Importantly, our Coat Cleanser bars are excellent, elegant real soap shampoo cleansing bars (no synthetic detergents...ever!) that effectively wash away dirt and doggie odor without burdening your buddy (or the planet!) with chemical cleaning agents, repellent pesticides, petrochemical fragrances or preservatives and other nasty ya-da-ya-da Frankenstein chemical compounds. Use our Fragrance-Free Coat Cleanser bars for the very best, really natural and healthy, organic clean for your special furry buddy's next bath time!

So, go on, lather up with this traditional and gentle, non-detergent, natural and organic Coat Cleanser for a soothing organic fragrance free cleansing experience that's perfect for sensitive dogs and their caregivers! After lathering, rinse well. Repeat, if desired. Dry, Brush, Hug, Treat, Hug, Treat, Play!

(Be sure to order a few bars today as we are offering our new Coat Cleanser bars at a special introductory price for a short time!)

TIP: A dilute vinegar/water (2:1, 2 water, 1 vinegar) rinse may be used as a second rinse, if desired, on dogs with long or curly or dense coats, or poor pups with itchy skin conditions. If using the vinegar/water rinse method, follow with a third final rinse of plain water.


Ingredients:  saponified oils of sunflower* and/or safflower*, coconut* and palm* (with retained glycerine), oats*, shea butter*, honey, rosemary extract

*Certified Organic



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