NEW! Organic Dog Coat Cleanser Duo Sampler

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For many years, we have always washed our pets—cats and dogs—with our own Terressentials organic products. In our ongoing holistic pet health research, we were concerned when we realized that many holistic-minded pet parents were regularly cleansing their pets with conventional chemical products. Most of these products weren't even labeled as "natural," but even most of the pet shampoos that were labeled as natural weren't natural at all! Far too many pet shampoo and coat conditioners (and topical skin treatment products) are conventional chemical detergents laced with unhealthy and toxic petrochemical preservatives, pesticides and fragrance compounds. So unhealthy for the animals and their families, and our waterways and wildlife! For the sake of the pets and wildlife, we had to do something!

Thus we now offer truly natural and certified organic Coat Cleanser bars to give you, your dog and the planet a break from commonly-used, unsustainable and unhealthy toxic chemicalsand give you peace of mind! (OK, sigh with relief!) Dogs (and cats and birds) are highly susceptible to petrochemicals in conventional and "natural" cleansing and insect repellent products, so we should take care to avoid exposing our pets to these conventional unnatural, industrial synthetic household and grooming chemicals and their toxic effects on our waterways and our dogs' health. After all, our dogs are family!

Our Coat Cleanser Bars bars are specially-formulated with blends of richly emollient organic base oils combined with various soothing herbals and essential oils—and nourishing organic oats and organic shea butter, even activated charcoal—for deodorizing and super gentle and effective cleansing for your special pup's sensitive skin.

Importantly, our Coat Cleanser bars are excellent, elegant real soap cleansing bars (no synthetic detergents...ever!) that effectively wash away dirt and doggie odor without burdening your buddy (or the planet!) with chemical cleaning agents, repellent pesticides, petrochemical fragrances or preservatives and other nasty ya-da-ya-da newfangled Frankenstein chemical compounds. Use our Terressentials Coat Cleanser Bars for the very best, really natural and healthy, organic clean for your special furry buddy's next bath time!

So, go on, lather up with this traditional and gentle, non-detergent, natural and organic Coat Cleanser for a soothing organic cleansing experience that's perfect for sensitive dogs and their caregivers! After lathering, rinse well. Repeat, if desired. Dry, Brush, Hug, Treat, Hug, Treat, Play!

(Be sure to order a few bars today as we are offering our new Coat Cleanser bars at a special introductory price for a short time!)

TIP: A dilute vinegar/water (2:1, 2 water, 1 vinegar*) rinse may be used as a second rinse, if desired, on dogs with long or curly or dense coats, or to help balance and soothe the itchy skin of those poor pups with irritated skin conditions. If using the vinegar/water rinse method, you may choose to follow with a third final rinse of plain water.

* For rinsing, organic apple cider or organic rice vinegar with their amino acid profiles and active "mother" are top options if you have have them on hand, especially for those poor pups with irritated skin conditions. White vinegar will work, too, hopefully organic if you can find it.




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