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Lake Champlain Organic Candy Cane Crunch Chocolate Bar

$ 4.50

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Nothing says Christmas quite like the classic candy cane! Now you can savor the taste of the season with our new organic Candy Cane Crunch chocolate bar, festively wrapped in red. Relive your fondest Christmas memories as you indulge in rich, fair trade organic dark chocolate, loaded with pieces of organic peppermint candy cane! Stuff this perfectly pepper-minty treat into stockings, hand out at the office, or keep a secret stash for yourself when you need instant holiday spirit.

Unwrap one today, and taste an enticing blend of flavor and texture that beckons just one more bite!

See the ingredients, nutritional and chocolate processing details/info in the image to the left here on this page. The organic chocolate in Lake Champlain's bars is Organic Fair Trade.


This is a 3 oz. bar



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