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Organic Terrific Tush Treatment Push-up

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Soothing! Use Terressentials' Organic Tush Treatment's rich, non-greasy protective cream in this useful one-handed push-up container to help busy moms and dads keep tush problems away from your older baby’s behind, and to moisturize dry skin and soothe rashes. (recommended for children aged six months to adult!)

Traditional Ayurvedic “skin healer” certified organic centella asiatica is infused in certified organic oil and blended with other certified organic herbals, our delightfully aromatic certified organic cocoa butter, certified organic beeswax and just a touch of certified organic essential oils. Dad loves this cream too—great for everyone’s dry or chapped hands! 
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Ingredients: Organic cocoa butter, organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic vanilla infused in organic sunflower oil, essential oil of organic sweet orange, infusion of organic chamomile in organic coconut oil, essential oil of organic lavender, infusion of organic calendula in organic coconut oil, essential oil of organic geranium, infusions of organic angelica and organic centella in organic coconut oil.

3 oz. / 85 g.



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