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Orange Organic White Chocolate Lip Protector

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Doesn’t it make sense that your Lip Protector, the body care product that you actually ingest, should be made from only the purest, most delicious certified organic ingredients?

Did you know that petrochemical sunscreen agents were never tested as food additives despite the fact that they are included in many lip balm products that people consume? This makes us a bit uncomfortable—how about you?

So, forget about parabens and petrochemicals—Terressentials Organic Lip Protectors are made only from organically-produced, truly natural ingredients that are perfectly balanced to gently caress the lips while helping to protect them from even the harshest elements. With Terressentials Orange Organic White Chocolate Lip Protector, you can enjoy the delectable aroma, taste and moisturizing benefits of certified organic cocoa butter, certified organic vanilla and certified organic sweet orange anytime!


Ingredients: organic cocoa butter, organic vanilla infused in organic sunflower oil, organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, essential oil of organic sweet orange.

.15 oz.



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