Organic Fragrance-free Facial Cleanser

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Enjoy the luxurious skin-softening effect of our deep-penetrating and concentrated cleansing gel, made with organic extra-virgin olive oil and soothing organic botanicals. This mild cleanser is perfect for normal to dry, sensitive, hyper-reactive and/or acne-prone, irritated, or mature skin types. It contains no synthetic surfactants/detergents or pore-clogging thickeners or other conventional industrial synthetic chemicals—just a pure, natural clean. Our Facial Cleansers are concentrated—a little goes a long way! Just a quarter teaspoon of our cleanser on a warm, wet washcloth is sufficient to cleanse your face and throat.

We always recommend cleansing your face with cloth—either an organic cotton washcloth, an ayate cloth or even a loofah pad—as you need the microscopic fibers to scour your skin’s crevices and pores and to grab and lift those toxic particulates off your skin. Using your fingers to cleanse your face is not a good idea and won’t get the job done—your fingertips can only rub toxins deeper into your skin!

After cleansing, follow with our Terressentials Organic Fragrance-free Facial Toner and finish with our Organic Moisture Cream or Fragrance-free Organic Facial Lotion.

We always recommend making our Organic Fragrance-free Facial Care Sampler your first Terressentials skin care purchase!

EXCITING NEWS!  Please note that we have FINALLY updated our labels! NO FORMULATION CHANGE--just a new look! For a LONG time we wanted to update our labels to reflect the unique complete natural-ness and freshness of our ever-so organic Fragrance-free Skin Care Line and it's suitability for so many skin types. At last, we have labels that we think beautifully capture the essence of our delightful, fresh and effective skin care! Note that we don't have images on our web site of our new product labels yet, but new photos are in the works--stay tuned! Also, please note that we are currently using our remaining labels (not to be wasteful!), and shipping products with the new labels as our older label stocks are depleted, so you may receive some product with a new label and some may have the older labels that are in the photos here on these web pages. We think that you will be pleasantly surprised when you receive your Fragrance-free skin care products with the new labels! We hope that you enjoy our new botanical look! Please feel free to share your feedback--thanks for your patience and understanding!

Ingredients: organic aloe vera juice from concentrate, organic olive oil castile soap, organic extracts of organic marshmallow, organic alchemilla (lady’s mantle), organic turmeric and organic calendula.

6 fl. oz. / 178 ml.



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