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Duo-tone Bamboo Wet or Dry Body Brush

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Just what you need—a long-handled, sustainable and compostable bamboo body brush with firm natural bristles for soothing, stimulating circulation, and for wet or dry exfoliation and cleansing!

Enjoy an invigorating pre-bath dry brushing to remove dead skin cells and to help increase circulation.  Of course you can also take this brush into the bath or shower for an exfoliating wet brush deep cleansing! This brush's stimulating brushing action and ease of use make it the perfect daily body cleansing tool for everyone, especially when used with an organic Terressentials Body Wash!

Excellent for cleaning those hard-to-reach places and particularly beneficial for older folks or those with injuries or limited mobility.  Makes for a thoughtful gift especially when paired with one or two of our organic Terressentials Body Washes or our Body Wash Sampler! 

Store away from running water and allow to dry between uses for longer life. Medium exfoliation. Approximately 15.5 inches long overall with a 4.75 x 2.75 bristle area.



Sold Out