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Animal Care

Doesn't your fur baby deserve a chemical-free bath? Yes! Just like humans, our beloved companions suffer from many unpleasant skin and other health problems, and common toxic chemical products are at the root of many immune system malfunctions. Some veterinarians have noted that, sadly, there is an epidemic of not-normal ill health and shortened lifespans in the companion animal world today--thyroid disease, allergies, gastrointetestinal disorders, auto-immune disorders, bone diseases, diabetes, neurological problems, cancer, etc.  We've seen it happening all over.

Poor, innocent animals everywhere are exposed to the same toxins that we are, maybe even more as they live so much closer to and on the ground, and eat awful, pesticide- and herbicide and GMO laden meats, vegetables, seeds and hay, and overly-processed junky food waste by-products. Dogs bodies are usually smaller than ours and they are just as ill-equipped to deal with the modern DNA-disturbing and endocrine-disrupting daily doses of unwanted chemical toxins as human children are. Horses frequently live on farms and fields that are heavily contaminated with toxic agricultural chemicals and fed non-organic grasses and grains, and housed in barns with fly sprays, chemical disinfectants and hosts of other agricultural chemicals and rarely drink purified water.

(Food for thought: Did you give people express permission to put their chemicals INTO and trespass against your body, your child's body or your dog's or horse's body?)

We are sickened when we read the chemical ingredients that we see in animal foods and animal body care products, animal insect repellents and bed and home cleaning products. Because we love our animal family members and want them to live long, healthy and joy-filled lives, we work diligently to keep these UNhealthy industrial toxic nasties away from our fluffy buddies' bodieslarge and small. This means that we needed healthier and organic (of course!) Coat Cleansers for our animals...and this is how our dog and horse coat cleansers came to be! (Particularly necessary when your dog is a double-coated, fluffy and WHITE, bossy prince who loves to dig holes and roll in cow patties or who-knows-what!)

How does it make sense to "clean" your animal companion with a bottle of synthetic liquid industrial petrochemical detergents, pesticides, preservatives and fragrances posing as doggie or equine shampoo? Does it make sense to wash those toxic chemicals into your yard or down the drain or driveway into our waterways? Who wants to drink flea and tick repellent in their glass of water? Oy! Well, guess what? New studies just released have found that these animal insect repellent chemicalsfound in shampoo and bug repellent treatment productshave now been identified in our waterways and tap water, and in significantly high quantities! Yep, that's right. Turns out that millions of dogs and horses get bathed every day across this country and the chemical "cleaning" and insect repellent products are washed down bathtub and barn drains, into yards, fields, and leach into ground water, flow into creeks and are washed downstream into our streams, lakes, riversall waterways. These chemicals are now everywhere and they never disappear because they are replenished in significant volumes every day! Oh, please stop! We want no part of this!

So let's do better! Why not begin a healthier transition away from those nasty conventional chemical pollutants today? Start today with a small step and give yourself, your animal bestie and the planet a break from the unsustainable and unhealthy killer chemicals and begin with a really natural and healthy, organic body cleanser. Don't wait! Bathe your best dog and horse with our awesome Terressentials Coat Cleansers on your next bath day! Our bar Coat Cleansers are a breeze to handle, especially as you've got your hands full when trying to bathe a squiggling, squirmy, energetic pup or a large and skittish pony, who may or may not like the water! Our bar Coat Cleansers are specially-formulated with excellent blends of emollient organic oils and butters so they're gentle for your animal's skin and, importantly, are excellent real soap shampoo bars that effectively wash away the dirt and those animal odors without burdening your buddy with chemical faux soap industrial synthetic detergent cleaning agents, repellent pesticides, petrochemical fragrances or preservatives and other nasty ya-da-ya-da Frankenstein chemical compounds. Our new organic Coat Cleansers keep your animal's coat clean, soft and fresh and help us all to have healthier bodies and happier spirits without adding toxins to our body or worry to our souls!

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