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Glass vs. Plastic

One criterion that we considered when we selected the PET plastic that is used for some of our products is the fact that the FDA considers this plastic to be one of the most inert. This is why it is the only plastic approved for packaging beverages containing alcohol (a powerful solvent). This is particularly important when one is bottling products with essential oils and/or herbal extracts, which have the potential to “react” with lower grades (higher numbers) of plastic and can cause the plastic to degrade into the product. Furthermore, our products are handcrafted in small batches and do not sit in the packaging for long periods of time, unlike just about all other companies’ products that might be available in the distribution chain.

Packaging is always a difficult issue that requires considerable research and evaluation and, because of our personal experience with cancer, we do not take our packaging decisions lightly. Unfortunately, even glass has serious drawbacks—for one, the obvious possibility of breaking into shards. The other downside to glass is its extreme impact on the environment and cancer risks due to the large amounts of fossil fuels used to generate the very high temperatures needed to form glass, and the increase in fuel oils needed to transport the significantly heavier glass packaging. Burning such amounts of fossil fuels creates much in the way of air pollution and degradation of the ozone, both of which have been linked to increased cancer risk.

We do have our Flower Therapy line of skin care products in glass that you could try if you don’t care for plastic bottles. Alternatively, you could transfer our other freshly-made products into glass containers at your home for your own use. Unless you make products yourself, our products would still be among the cleanest that you’ll find anywhere.



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