Lake Champlain Traditional Organic Hot Chocolate

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Hot Chocolate Mix - Organic & Fair Trade USA Certified

Indulge your love for the rich, satisfying taste of gourmet hot chocolate! Blended from just the essentials—organic cocoa and organic sugar—this traditional hot cocoa mix is sure to please the chocolate purist in you. Simply combine with piping hot organic milk (dairy or your favorite plant-based milk) and let every warming, chocolatey sip transport you. Want to make your mug of hot chocolate extra special? Serve it with a few pieces of Theo's delicious gourmet, Organic and Fair Trade Chocolate Covered Marshmallows. (Yes you can find the Theo's Organic Marshmallows on our Chocolate Page!) Organic Hot Chocolate and Organic Chocolate Covered Marshmallows—a terrific, tasty combination—and a great gift combo!

See the ingredients, nutritional and chocolate processing details/info in the image to the left here on this page.


This is a 16 oz. container.




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