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Lake Champlain Organic Toffee & Almond Crunch Chocolate Bar

$ 4.95

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Organic Chocolate Toffee Candy Bar

Crunch, crackle, and chew! Make a little noise with every bite of this tantalizing organic dark chocolate bar. And when you take that first bite, you'll find a crunch of roasted almonds with a chew of buttery toffee, and a crackle of mouthwatering sea salt suspended in a bar of semi-sweet 57% dark chocolate. 100% certified organic and made with fair trade chocolate for an indulgence you can feel good about sharing this chocolate (or keeping it all to yourself). Go ahead, treat yourself to a few yummy bars today!


See the ingredients, nutritional and chocolate processing and allergen details/info in the image to the left here on this page. The organic chocolate in Lake Champlain's bars is Fair Trade.


This is a 3 oz. bar

*Note: Terressentials does not have cold packs for shipping chocolate in warmer temperature, so order now!



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