All-Organic Seductive Spice Body Creme Push-up

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Enhance your natural sensuality with Seductive Spice, an inviting alliance of eastern spice and forest scents. Rich...​evocative...​warming.
Terressentials elegant Body Cremes, made with the same organic oils and herbal infusions as the Anointing Body Oils, also combine the sweet ambrosia of protective organic beeswax with organic cocoa butter for superior moisture-barrier capabilities to help seal moisture in your thirsty skin.
These scrumptious genuine organic artisanal Cremes, hand-poured into an easy-to-use push-up container (also great for travel!), each offer a full and distinctive bouquet of certified organic essential oils to surround your body with a light organic perfume, your own evocative “scentual” aura. Thick and deeply moisturizing—simply the perfect answer to extra dry skin. Massage...​moisturize...​use your imagination!

Our Organic Body Creme also makes an excellent hair styling aid or conditioner for thick and dry or damaged hair, or dry scalps—gently massage a light touch of creme into your hair after washing, or after drying for articulation of curls!

See also our Four-Flavor Body Creme Sampler containing a purse-sized trial jar of each of our four aromatic and inviting Body Cremes—great for weekend travel or a sweet girlfriend gift!
Ingredients: Organic cocoa butter, organic beeswax, cold-pressed organic sunflower oil, essential oil of organic patchouli, organic vanilla infused in organic sunflower oil, essential oil of organic orange, infusion of organic chamomile in organic coconut oil, essential oil of organic pine, infusion of organic calendula in organic coconut oil, essential oils of organic petitgrain and organic lavender, infusions of organic angelica and organic centella in organic coconut oil, essential oil of organic cinnamon leaf.
3 oz. / 85 g.


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