Aromatic Vetiver Exfoliating Pad

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Vetiver is an aromatic, sustainable grass that is native to India.  Its roots have been harvested for centuries for use in Ayurvedic healing.  Now you can enjoy its soothing aroma and exfoliating power with the Terressentials Vetiver Exfoliating Pad. Use when wet. Allow to dry between uses. For heavy exfoliation. This pad is not recommended for the face or sensitive areas. Handcrafted in India using vetiver roots, cotton backing and an elastic strap.  Approximately 7.25 x 4.25 inches.

The Artisan Story:  After the essential oil has been distilled from the roots of the vetiver grass, artisans resourcefully assemble the leftover roots, which still retain some of the vetiver oil, into hand-sewn, aromatic exfoliating pads.

Enjoy the soothing scent of vetiver in your next bath or shower!



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