Terressentials: USDA Certified Organic

USDA Organic: they call it “the gold standard.” 


Because, to carry the USDA seal, an organic product must contain 95 to 100% USDA organic ingredients*, verified by a third-party certifier.

Without the USDA seal, an “organic” body care product can contain just about anything: chemical preservatives, synthetic detergents, reacted oleochemicals. Yuck. We don't call that organic.

So we went for the seal, to prove that we're the real deal.

Terressentials was thoroughly reviewed and inspected by Baystate Organic Certifiers and found officially in conformance with USDA National Organic Program rules.

*not counting added water and salt.  The remaining 5% is limited to nonorganically produced agricultural ingredients which are not commercially available in organic form and ingredients allowed by the National Organic Program.

Details from the USDA about Certified Organic labeling

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