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If it Doesn't Have the Seal, it Ain't the Real Deal!

Digit: our homegrown, garden-fresh organic rap video!   »
As Seen on TV:

Terressentials on Dirty Jobs!

WhenMike Rowe’s team called, at first we said, “we’re not dirty!” But then we thought, why not embarrass ourselves?   »


Terressentials: Fair Trade, Fair Made

Howoften do you read the ingredients on the back of your shampoo bottle? A Frederick businesswoman shows ViewFinder’s Brittany Linton and Ulysses Muñoz why her soap is so special.   »

It’s Crystal Clear:

Thank Goodness Terressentials is Out There

Atalented artist, photographer, blogger and breast cancer survivor shares her thoughts about her search for true organic personal care products, how to read product labels and her personal experience in finding and using the Terressentials certified organic products.   »
Frederick Week:

Terressentials: Fair Made and Organic

Localprogram featuring James and Diana of Terressentials   »