The Truth About Oleochemicals

ost health-conscious people are aware that eating hydrogenated fats is unhealthy because of the harmful effects of trans fatty acids and their triggering of free radicals in the body. New evidence shows that oleochemical trans fats used in virtually all “natural” and “organic” body care products, when topically applied to the skin, can inhibit prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are hormone-like messengers produced in most tissues of the human body that have many important physiological actions.

Skin care products are absorbed by the skin, and enter the bloodstream directly. They’re not processed, filtered or detoxified by the digestive tract as foods are. It’s not permissable to make certified organic shortening from hydrogenated or trans fat ingredients, since the organic regulations (in general) prohibit not only petrochemicals but also oleochemicals, which are synthetic chemicals just as petrochemicals are.