Commentary from the blogosphere:

It's Time for a Change!

ver the past several years, I’ve developed a real passion about life, health, and a pursuit of happiness...but mostly about health. I done lots of researching on health food products, herbs, nutrition as well as watched my share of tv informercial about “health products.” I’ve recently been on a quest for finding products that are supposedly certified organic beauty products such as makeup and relaxers. I’ve spent money on products that really work and products that are a big fluff. Recently, I ordered some products from a company that claims to be certified organic but when I received the products, I looked on the back label and found that they were only maybe 70%, 80% or 90% organic and were “certified oganic by AOC.” Does anyone know what the heck is AOC? These products were so perfumey smelling that I couldn’t stand to use them...they literally made me ill to my stomach.

There is, however, one company out there that I’ve found to be tried, tested and true and it’s called Terressentials.