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Local Hero:

Frederick Small Business Owner Fights for Organic Products

For decades, Diana Kaye has fought for the integrity of a single word: organic.   »
Debra Lynn Dadd:

Toxic Free Talk Radio

“Interviewswith everyday heroes who are working to make our world a safer place to live.” Up next, James and Diana of Terressentials.
’Casts and transcripts.

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The Washington Post:

Green Standard

A Stylesection feature about Terressentials. “Regulations for ‘Organics’ Have Barely Taken Root”   »

Accolades for Terressentials

Excerptfrom article “25 Who Made Naturals Beautiful,” featuring Terressentials’ cofounders   »
The Today Show's

Peter Greenberg on Terressentials:

“Productsso clean you could almost cook with them.”   »
The New York Times:

Is Organic Shampoo Chemistry or Botany?

“Forcosmetics and personal care products ‘organic’ means whatever manufacturers say it does.”   »

If it Doesn't Have the Seal, it Ain't the Real Deal!

Yo,check it out: our homegrown, garden-fresh organic rap video!   »

Terressentials on Dirty Jobs!

WhenMike Rowe's team called, at first we said, “we're not dirty!” But then we thought, why not embarrass ourselves?   »

A Double Standard for Personal Care Products?

FromMothering magazine, written by Terressentials cofounders James and Diana.   »
The Ottawa Citizen:

All Natural, Pure Organic, 100% Mayhem

“Terressentials...setthe standard for organics.”   »


Terressentials [True Green]

NewsweekMagazine Cites Terressentials as a Top “True Green” Brand!   »

Terressentials hailed as [Green Patriots]

“Rampant Labeling Fraud,” carcinogenic petrochemical contaminant revealed in major faux-organic body care brands!   »
From the Blogosphere:

It's Time for a Change!

“Thereis one company out there that I've found to be tried, tested and true and it's called Terressentials. I've found this company to have real morals and to be truly concerned with delivering ‘USDA certified organic’ products.”   »

MSN: What Does [Organic] Mean?

“Terressentials’face, body and haircare lines are the closest thing we've found to pure personal care on the market.”   »

How to be Green

YMmagazine gets hip to Terressentials   »
The Chicago Tribune:

Think [Organic] Products are Natural?

Companiesthat use solid organic ingredients include Terressentials.   »