Stop the Madness

RGANIC BABY CARE, certified organic to the USDA National Organic Program standard, freshly handcrafted without essential oils for your newborn infant! Your baby is your most precious gift. We know that you are a caring parent and you will do anything to nurture and protect your child.

Have you been concerned about the GMO’s, parabens, phenoxyethanol, sorbates, benzoates, phthalates, sulfated and ethoxylated surfactant detergents, chemical “fragrance,” synthetic caprylic fatty acids, cetyl-this and cetearyl-that, ethyl-hexyl-what, and other hard-to-pronounce chemicals that litter the glut of “all natural” and “organic” personal care products that you find on web sites and in health food stores? Relax! None of these icky conventional synthetic cosmetic chemicals are allowed in USDA certified organic products. For your peace of mind, allow us to present our newest addition to our Terressentials family of organic certified products, recommended for newborns and adults...introducing our Terressentials Fragrance-free Baby Body Care products—genuine certified organic purity and gentle skin cleansing and nourishing botanicals without added essential oils!

Why is fragrance-free an important consideration for your newborn’s personal care? We have learned much over the past two decades about how scents and natural pheromones can influence the developing brain and body of infants and we’d like to share our important findings with you.

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