On the Discovery Channel with Mike Rowe

Terressentials on Dirty Jobs!

id you happen to catch us on the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs show — the funny episode (titled “Animal Barber”) where Mike comes to visit us for the day and “helps” us to make our Hair Wash?

The producers of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs Show loved the idea of our unique, award-winning Pure Earth Hair Wash — a “mud” that makes you clean — and were so intrigued with our unusual clay-based Hair Wash that they tracked us down to persuade us to do a Dirty Jobs episode in which the host, Mike Rowe, spends the day with us learning to make Cool Mint Pure Earth Hair Wash and, for a change, getting clean instead of dirty.

Here's a clip from the show.

Initially, we were hesitant, but we finally agreed to do the show and, as it turned out, we all had a lot of fun! Of course, we just had to wash Mike’s hair with the mud he helped to make! The “Animal Barber” episode was very funny and a great success, and it continues to air all around the world — they even made us part of their environmental special “Brown Before Green.”