Faux-organic body care products found tainted with carcinogen

Terressentials, USDA Certified Organic Products Test Clean

naheim, CA—The earth shook here at the country’s largest convention for natural products when the Organic Consumers Association and environmentalist David Steinman, author of The Safe Shopper’s Bible, revealed the results of an independent analysis of a wide range of so-called “natural” and “organic” personal care and household products. Nearly 55% of the non-USDA-organic compliant products purchased at a natural foods market for testing proved to be contaminated by 1,4-dioxane, a byproduct of petrochemical manufacturing and a known carcinogen.

Laboratory tests showed that products certified under the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) did not contain 1,4-dioxane, but most of the best selling personal care products claiming to be “organic” (but not USDA certified) did contain the cancer-causing ingredient. Steinman said “For companies to knowingly or even carelessly put a carcinogen into commerce in this day and age is barbaric, I think, particularly products that have the moniker of natural or self-proclaimed ‘organic.’”