Terressentials Super Protection Deodorants

VERYONE WANTS to smell good! When it comes to your underarms and your body, you want to feel confidently protected and to smell fresh throughout the day. You are an intelligent, organic-minded individual and you understand our natural physiology.   MORE BELOW »


You appreciate the positive benefits of healthy perspiration and detoxification of our bodies. You never want to artificially suppress natural perspiration with high-tech toxic chemicals. You simply seek to naturally and effectively neutralize stronger body aromas and complement your unique pheromone signature with pleasing and subtle organic scents.

For nearly fifteen years our completely natural and healthy Super Protection Deodorants have been embraced by organic humans around the world. Smart folks love our effective and fresh blends of soothing certified organic aloe vera juice, concentrated organic herbal extracts, mineral clays, baking soda and, always, all organic deodorizing essential oils. Our deodorants help people to enjoy working alongside and living closely with other humans! Dare we say that our deodorants just may be the source for inspirational, creative collaboration...​even world peace? Well, we can dream can’t we?

Other deodorants just weren’t good enough, so we made a better one—without synthetic ingredients like aluminum chlorhydrate, propylene glycol, propanediol, steareth compounds, sucrose cocoate, ethylhexyl glycerin, triclosan, parabens, benzoates, sorbates, diazolidinyl urea, glyceryl or sodium stearate, cetearyl or cetyl alcohol, caprylic triglycerides, emulsifying wax or synthetic parfum/fragrance.

Our Super Protection Deodorants are specially formulated to help neutralize the sulfur compounds that can result from eating spicy foods and garlic! How’s that for super protection?