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Terressentials: USDA Certified Organic

Withoutthe USDA seal, an “organic” body care product can contain just about anything.   »

Frequently Asked Questions About the Word [Organic]

Whatdoes “Organic” mean?   »

The Truth About Parabens

Whatare chemical preservatives like parabens doing in personal care products labeled “organic?”   »

The Truth About Oleo- chemicals

Theproduction of allegedly “organic” oleochemicals is light years away from true organic principles.   »

The Truth About Sunscreens

Thebottom line is this: we have found no sunscreen ingredients which we consider to be safe.   »

What's So Different About Terressentials?

“Inmy search for 100% organic personal care products I have come across only one company that makes a truly organic product.”   »

Unsolicited Testimonials About Terressentials Products

“Acompany with a soul. How refreshing!”   »

The Healthy Person's Guide to Personal Care Ingredients

Ourpopular guide to the ingredients, good and bad, found in personal care products.   »

Tricks of the Trade

Trick#1: Outright lying. The FDA told us that they don't have the time to do anything about it!   »

Shampoo Makes You Fat?

Whenyou rub body care products on your body or your scalp, you may absorb or inhale synthetic chemicals that contain endocrine disruptors, sending false signals to your endocrine glands.   »

Pure Earth Hair Wash: Instructions and FAQs

Howto get the best results from Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash   »

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Ordering and Shipping FAQs

Detailsabout how we'll zip your Terressentials products to you.   »

Terressentials' Own Stores

Weoffer our own USDA certified organic body care, and fair trade/fair made handcrafts from around the world. And organic chocolate!   »

Stores Offering Terressentials Products

Thelist of retail partners in the US and Canada that carry Terressentials products.   »

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Thesteps we take so that you can feel confident about your transactions with us.   »

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